Service offered

DC3 Therapeutics began as a provider of histology services and we've expanded our capabilities to include standard and custom research solutions for biotechnology and clinical stage companies. Our services include histology, in vitro pharmacology and ADME; as well as molecular, cellular, and micro-biology.
We are happy to work with our clients to tailor experimentation to their research and development goals and to have them rely on us to deliver quality data. For more complex pre-clinical programs, our expertise allows us to be a single point of contact so our clients can focus on their core business without having to manage multiple CROs. We pride ourselves on our customer service: contact us for consultation on any of your research needs.


Molecular & Micro Biology

  • Sequencing (NGS / Deep Sequencing)

  • Gene expression (qRT-PCR)

  • Cloning (design and construction)

  • Site Directed Mutagenesis

  • Protein Expression (bacterial, mammalian, baculovirus)

  • DNA and RNA purification

  • Microarrays


  • Trimming, processing, embedding of fixed and frozen tissue

  • Serial and step sectioning

  • Special stains

  • Immunohistochemistry–including method development

  • Immunoflourescence–including method development



  • Microsomal stability (mouse, rat, dog, human)

  • S9 Stability

  • Plasma Stability

  • Solubility (thermodynamic and kinetic)

  • Protein Binding

  • Cyp induction

  • Transporter assay


Cell Assays

  • Calcium mobilization assay

  • Generate Stable cell lines

  • Mycoplasma testing

  • Cytoxicity Panel (variety of cell types)

  • Apoptosis Assays

  • Reporter cell line assays

  • ADCC and CDC


  • Assay consultation and development


Microbiologoy Testing

  • MIC (panel of gram negative/gram positive bacteria and fungi)

  • MIC (serum adjusted)

  • Time Kill

  • PAE

  • Susceptibility Testing

  • Resistance Selection

  • Short Tandem Repeat (str) Analysis of Cell Lines

Multiplex ELISA

  • Adhesion

  • Adipokine

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular

  • Chemokine

  • Cytokine Panel

  • Inflammation Panel

  • Neurological

  • Metabolic

  • Th1/Th2/Th17

  • Toxicity